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For Entrepreneurs who are committed to being pioneers of the local energy transition, the Energy Innovation Hub is the best way to put your commitment into practice

Startup Support

We support changemakers, innovators and problem-solvers from their starting point. We back them up with early funding, market access, and technical expertise to develop their solutions and hit the ground running.

Bespoke Journey

Every startup in our program benefits from a bespoke journey tailored to their specific needs. Our committed team and mentor network help founders with early validation and a clear growth plan to ensure the right focus from the get go.

Community Access

Our network of investors, specialized industry and academic partners offers our companies ongoing feedback and validation, eventually securing potential contracts, partnership opportunities, and growth funding.

Our Energy Innovation Hub is a platform designed to combine game-changing ideas & innovative solutions in the energy sector. All in aim to help power Lebanon, contributing to a truly sustainable economy—one startup at a time.

Program Details

Average Investments
USD 5k-25k

12 Months

April 2021 – June 2022

Join Our Program: Make A difference

Step 1

Apply with a solution

Submit your application to the program, detailing your solution that will contribute to the overall use and adoption of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency technologies in Lebanon.

Step 2

Join the Energy Innovation Hub network

Upon acceptance, you will benefit from a bespoke program where you will gain access to ongoing virtual and physical support, continuous product validation, and a large community of mentors & industry experts in the clean energy space. 

Step 3

Scale your business

After you’ve progressed in the validation stage and secured initial funding to further develop your prototype / MVP, you will receive all the needed guidance and support to take your business to market, secure larger funding tickets to fuel your growth, and expand your business to regional and global markets.  

Some of our focus areas include:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Start-ups in the pre-Seed to Seed Stage with an advanced idea or Prototype or MVP phase 
  • Focus on solutions that accelerate the adoption of Renewable Energy and Energy efficiency technologies 
  • Passionate and committed team covering the core competencies and a balanced skill set
  • Solid and scalable business model aiming to revolutionize the Energy sector in Lebanon

Goals of the program

We invest in ideas and solutions that help optimize Energy production and consumption, and enable us to transition to a sustainable economy.

We do this while:

  • Creating Green Energy job opportunities by leveraging the untapped potential and talent of the local workforce
  • Facilitating access to funding for promising solutions in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors
  • Linking green entrepreneurs to our ecosystem partners, locally and internationally
  • Encouraging female founders to have a leading role in revolutionizing the Energy sector in Lebanon 

By the end of the acceleration program, five start-up teams will be selected and awarded funding to further develop their innovative solutions

Be part of the energy transition

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As advances in technology make renewable energy more accessible, affordable, and efficient, an end to climate change can be within Lebanon’s reach.

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