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CMU-PCM Tech Logo


CMU-PCM Tech is a building envelope solution with bio-based materials that offer a passive and latent energy savings strategy. CM-PCM Tech uses thermal energy storage (TES) as a thermal envelope design for buildings and is based on a system is usually relies on sensible or latent energy storage. CMU-PCM Tach is concerned with developing innovative building materials and envelopes with an aim to reduce the cooling and heating energy loads of residential buildings while also enhancing the thermal comfort of the space area by creating a thermally resilient building envelope.

Compost Baladi

Compost Baladi offers poultry farmers and other agro-industrialists the opportunity to valorize their organic waste intro heat energy and fertilizers. Compost Baladi allows the recovery of biogas, through dry digestion. It can, then, be used for heating as a renewable source while provide organic fertilizers that substitute chemical imports that are energy intensive while enabling soil rehabilitation to reduce irrigation demand and sequester carbon.


Dibrace is a manufacturer of budget and high-efficiency biomass stove which is used for food cooking and space heating. DIBRACE offers two approaches: 1) A high-efficiency bio-mass burning stove. Budget price suitable for underprivileged areas. 2) Small manufacturing of bio-mass compressed pallets sources from the waste of the factories.

Drive Green

Drive Green designs a level 2 charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles that gets its energy from photovoltaic cells. This green charging station gets its energy from PV panels.

EcoBike Cafe

EcoBike is self-sustainable without the need for any external power source. EcoBike can show the world that everything can be green and operating on renewable energy. In addition, Mobile is the trend worldwide, what if this trend is moving towards GREEN energy?


GARBALISER converts wastes through the anaerobic digester to high-quality fertilizer for the farmer and allows collecting methane gas. GARBALISER allows producing local fertilizers, time efficiently, with affordable prices in local currency.


GreenTech is a domestic hot water heat pump combined with a small PV system and smart controller to provide hot water throughout the year. GreenTech reduces the use of electricity and considers air and sun as energy sources which also reduces emissions. It provides constant hot water in the comfort for the users and regardless of the weather conditions and daylight.

PVBOT Cleaner

PVBOT Cleaner is an automated cleaning solution for solar panels. It consists of an innovative, fast, and fully automated cleaning robot for medium and large-sized PV farms. This robot is 10 times faster than manual labor, and requires no water at all; it can, also, detect overheated cells. The main feature of PVBot is the conveyor that takes the robot from one row to another, eliminating by that the dedication of one robot per row. This makes it cost-effective.

Innovating Green Technology Logo (1x1) (1)

Innovating Green Technology

IGT is a startup working in the field of water and energy and modern agriculture as hydroponics and aquaponics but also aquaculture. Autonomous solar-based aquaponics is designed to increase the agricultural productivity of controlled environments in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way.

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The implemented system is composed of a solar thermal water heating scheme, followed by a water mixing mechanism along with the autonomous control unit that continuously monitors the aquaponics environment and adjusts accordingly. This system is designed as a standalone system that continuously monitors the water temperature and quality, air temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide level, and light intensity within the aquaponics, and accordingly adapts the lighting as well as water flow/Oxygen injection. The designed system adopts solar thermal heating due to the fact that solar water heaters. Moreover, it has adequate controllers and timers that assure the appropriate functionality of the aquaponics upon the various environmental conditions./p>


Necess is an accessible and affordable eco-friendly label that aims to democratize sustainable fashion through eco-friendly innovative garments.

Now Energy Hub

Now Energy Hub is an online platform that supports users to reduce their energy bills, by analyzing their existing systems and recommending necessary modifications including renewable energy solutions. It is innovative in terms of automating the energy audit process for the user and engaging him in the audit work with easy and simple questions about his systems with full guidance on how to read technical values and understand energy bills.

Partners with Sun Logo (1)

Partners With Sun

'Partners With Sun' provides solar boilers and solar ovens yielding to 80% fuel bill reduction. Partners with sun keep up with the production as a hybrid system, ensures lifelong savings on maintenance, extended warranty, in addition to, reducing the production time by up to 20%.

Pitch Solar

PITCH SOLAR is a mobile application that can be developed to design modular residential solar solutions using augmented reality technology. PITCH SOLAR designs and pitches on site. It increases sales performance and accelerates the energy transition. It, also, facilitates client decision-making and provides a 3D model, in addition to a precise and concise offer.

Plastic To Fuel

PTF “Plastic To Fuel” is a startup that aims to design and manufacture machines to fight against pollution. PTF transforms single-use plastic waste into fuel and gas that reduce pollution and provide fuel and gas on a national and international scale. It is a circular process. It produces the needed quantity to power the Process and transform the plastic waste into fuel, gas, and Black Carbon.

SolaRay Logo (1x1)


SolaRay is a green portable power supply that combines power stations with solar panels. SolaRay produces a locally portable green generator of high quality and reliability tailored to the clients’ needs and provides sustainable electricity indoors and outdoors.


Solarone offers drones and computer vision software to automate PV panel inspection. Solarone uses drones, computer vision, and machine learning. The drone circulates above the solar farm, detects and locates malfunctioning PV panels by using IR imaging systems.


STEPSol harvests energy from the sun and stores this energy using water in order to provide electricity. STEPSol retrieves energy from solar panels, stores the energy surplus by pumping water from a low tank to a higher one, then retrieves it with turbines. This solves the problem of the intermittency of solar energy with our hydraulic battery. In addition, hydraulic storage is a mature technology benefiting from a great efficiency from 70% to 80%.

Suncode Logo (1x1)


SunCode is a convective solar drying machine that allows a safer, faster, and easier method of drying food products. SunCode does not need any electrical supply and it is eco-friendly.


Suntrepreneur is a web platform that enables electrical technicians to offer solar photovoltaic installations to homes and businesses. It is built around three main pillars: Design, Sell & Maintain.


Wave offers electric bicycles as a subscription for citizens to commute in an efficient way. At the end of the lifecycle of their batteries, Wave reuses them as a storage capacity for solar panels, so to create a recharge wall on renewable energy for the clients.

YY ReGen Logo

YY ReGen

YY ReGen re-energizes the agricultural sector in Lebanon through a mobile accessible website. ReGen-R8 will be the Lebanese farmer’s one-stop portal to renewable power via a simple 3 step workflow: Click, Configure, Sustain.



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